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Welcome to a journey of chasing a good life! ūüôā

Mommy Rose with Ate Zooey and Baby Zion
Keep It Cool and Think Positive

Oh! Hi there. My name is Rose and this is my personal mommy blog. I’m a young¬†mom of two wonder kids, Zooey & Zion, who are the main reason why I have this blog.¬†They are the main characters in my stories here. This is our journey together chasing a good life. My kids¬†are my bittersweet pills in this¬†bittersweet life. I love to use the word “bittersweet” ¬†most especially when I talk¬†about life. And I like to talk about life a lot (just on the blog though). As you know, life is bitter, life is sweet. It¬†is tough, it is indeed a roller coaster ride. Whatever it is, I always think that life is good. Yes, even if you can’t find any goodness at times, life is still oh so goood, my friends! ūüôā

So I am here to hopefully spread some love and share more¬†happiness. Though I may write a few about sadness and¬†express some hatred, I will try to keep this blog positive. I am optimistic and I like to inspire. I love to encourage and I easily get motivated. I try to keep my posts short BUT I can’t help that I¬†write really long. I also love writing some rhymes and making a few poems. I’ve always imagined myself publishing my own books someday. ¬†Perhaps, books under the¬†“inspirational” shelf or “children’s books”¬†corner¬†maybe. Either way, I love them both.

Zooey and Zion

Take A Nap But Don’t Sleep For Long

Aside from being a frustrated writer, I am a frustrated photographer as well. I am fond of taking lots of photos, especially of my kids (and some selfies too haha) and I love to write a¬†blog post from them. So naturally, you can read some posts based on a single photograph as I like¬†writing my thoughts,¬†generated from the sight of a photo or two, thus the line “Capturing life at its bittersweetest!” on my instagram account.

Don't Look Back

Look Back But Move Forward

zooey zion keyboard

A Good Life With Music


FOCUS: School

Mommy Rose @ Work

Smile And Keep Going!

Oh Life Is Good

#OHLIFEISGOOOD is an original hashtag I created on instagram a few months ago. I used it for our family ¬†pictures – all pics with Mommy, Zooey, & Zion together. I’ve been using common hashtags before and thought that it would be easier if I can use something that hasn’t been used yet, just so I can easily filter our pictures. Originally, I was inspired by Dan from Single Dad Laughing in his regular posts that goes something like “Life is good, my friends, even if …..” So I’ve decided to create a hashtag and tried many different combinations –¬†#goodlife, #itsagoodlife,¬†#lifeisgood, etc.. but all were too popular. Finally, I was able to come up with something I though was a perfect mix of being familiar & common yet unique. Or at least in my opinion. And that’s how #OhLifeIsGoood came to life. Also, I made the #ZooeyZion hashtag for my kids’¬†pictures together. ūüôā

By the way, this is my 4th blog which I¬†set up early this year (2014), but only¬†got pretty active by midyear and launched it publicly around October. If you’re wondering why my archives have posts dated back in 2013, well it’s because I exported some of my contents from my old blog.

Again, quick update: We moved to a new home at Mommy Wanders, check it out!

Okay, enough of back stories.. I’ll try my best to keep this blog for real this time. (fingers crossed) I wish to make this my¬†most sensible blog¬†of all. That¬†means less blabbing. Seriously. However,¬†I can’t help but¬†really talk a lot sometimes and let my mind rule. Yes, I often have a¬†conversation with myself even here on the blog. So expect that I’ll write a handful of lengthy self-talks. HAHA I know I am crazy but that’s just me. I think¬†you’ll have to accept how¬†I love writing my thoughts spontaneously,¬†not caring if¬†I am far from being a good writer. And though I¬†love writing, proofreading and editing are actually my least favorite since, again, I usually write long posts. Honestly, I am trying to avoid extra flowery words now and just be direct with anything that I have to say. BUT I find it impossible to talk¬†less. Hmmm I guess being talkative is the ONE¬†adjective I can’t deny to myself. And I can’t deny that my English isn’t perfect and my typing skills have 90% accuracy, so¬†please excuse my lapses. ūüėČ

Oh there I go again, talking a lot. It seems my mind won’t stop dictating my fingers now. Alright, I’d better cut this here. Uhm. I don’t know how to end this properly¬†but thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Just one more thing. Again, remember that life is good, my friends, so live that good life! ūüôā ūüėČ ūüėÄ

Live YOUR life. Chase a GOOD life!


Mommy Rose

Visit us at Mommy Wanders, www.mommywanders.com

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  1. You’re welcome and thank you too. Though I am not so into the kitchen world, I find your gluten-free posts new to me. I might refer to your recipes in the future. Thanks for dropping by. ūüôā


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